Who are the Choco Loco team?

What's that? You want to know more about the team who hand-make all of our delicious Belgian chocolate treats and add each sprinkle to your personalised chocolate bars?

Choco Loco was born in Bristol in 2015 out of a life long obsession with chocolate and a desire to not only work with what I love, but to share this love with the people around me. Handmade truffles is where it all started, add a few years and a few friends and you get Choco Loco: a company and collection of divine Belgian chocolate creations that make me and the team incredibly proud.

Choco Loco chocolate company creator Emily

Emily, commander-in-chief and mother of all things Choco Loco (and two humans).


Choco Loco chocolate company Team Laura

Laura, the one you see prancing around on the social channels (another mother of two humans).


Choco Loco chocolate company team Lou

Lou, the one who has put up with the above two for many years now (also a mother of two humans - wait, there's a theme here).



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